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Marketing & Reporting
Property listing web pages Tip_icon
Auto generated professional listing pages (and master listing page) to share with buyers.
Syndicate listings Tip_icon
Syndicate listings across Trulia and Oodle in seconds.
One click Facebook and Twitter posting
Number of property photos Tip_icon
Number of property pictures you can display on your listing pages
Multiple listing template themes Tip_icon
Choose between multiple template designs for your listing pages
Detailed PDF presentation flyers Tip_icon
PDF reporting to share property due diligence
Analysis Features
Multiple investment strategies Tip_icon
  • Buy & hold analysis
  • Lease purchase analysis
  • Fix & flip analysis
Customize revenues and expenses Tip_icon
  • Add custom revenues and expenses relevant to subject property
  • Apply inflation to revenues and expenses over time
  • Input rehab costs by line item and description
Multiple financial structures Tip_icon
Ability to analyze properties using multiple financial structures including hard money, line of credit, and IRA financing.
Auto-generated charts & graphs Tip_icon
Full access to charts that show revenue, expenses, cash on cash debt coverage, and other key ratios ratios over time.
Relevant financial metrics Tip_icon
Full cash flow and profitability metrics:
  • cash on cash return
  • internal rate of return
  • monthly cash flow
  • purchase cap rate
  • cash dues at close
  • gross rent multiplier
  • break even ratio
  • interest carry ratio
  • and more
"What if" analysis Tip_icon
Scenario analysis priviliges to run worst, realistic, and best case scenarios in seconds.
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Upgrade or downgrade at any time!
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